Diocese of Lincoln Schools

Lincoln, Nebraska

Education Technology Office

(402) 473-0600

Dr. Matthew Hecker
Chief Administrative Officer

Msgr. John Perkinton
Superintendent of Schools

Chris Hobbs
Director of Information Technology
Ext. 50609

Adrian Carlson
Student Information Systems Specialist
Ext. 50602

Darren Furasek
Network Specialist
Ext. 50603

Brian Owens
Server Technician
Ext. 50608

Shane Whitford
Training Specialist
Ext. 50607

Greg Bobbett
Mobile Device Specialist
Ext. 50645


Fr. Matthew Zimmer
Director of Education Technology
Ext. 50601 ( email )

Alex Driscoll

Field Support Specialist
Ext. 50604

Jason Garrett
Network Administrator
Ext. 50606

Brad Seeman
Server Specialist
Ext. 50605

Carrie Nielsen
Mobile Integration Specialist
Ext. 50644


To request technical support or
to request hardware or software:

Log on to: Diocesan Help Desk (Track-It!)

Fax: (402) 488-6525


Student Enrollment

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